universal stripes for making edible ball gags
After discovering the origins of a ball gag – an item used in BDSM roleplay, designed to control and dominate the wearer, I have decided to develop one of my prototypes further. Once more, I focused on the aspects of power, domination and consent, but this time engaged more of the wearer's senses. By designing universal silicone stripes for making edible gags, I explored how the taste and tactility of certain food affects roleplay. ANY GAG can be used to reverse the power disproportion by giving the wearer the ability to release themselves without asking for the dominatrix's/dominant's permission. The list of food, which can be attached to the stripes is endless and depends on the current mood of the users. Beware, Jalapeño peppers fit the stripes perfectly. 
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explorations, konstfack, stockholm, 2018
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