"what we don't say becomes a secret, and secrets often create shame and fear and myths"*

* Following the words I once found in The Vagina Monologues (a play written by Eve Ensler), I use my multidisciplinary skills to tackle supressed subjects and trigger discussion about matters we seldom openly speak about. Inclusive sex education, gender stereotypes, abortion, power structures - these are the fields I have been working with for the past couple of years, presenting my work in Stockholm, New York and all around Poland. Currently, I am based in Stockholm where I continue to work with design for equality by day and write journals & poems by night.
unboxing a CNC mold of my body 
& shows
KMAG x The Ilness of Waiting
G'rls Room  x The Illness of Waiting
Calvert Journal Magazine x The Illness of Waiting
NOIZZ.PL x ero.edu
Calvert Journal Magazine
G'rls Room x ero.edu
G'rls Room x CROSSxTOYS
Zwykłe Życie x CROSSxTOYS
Label Magazine x ero.edu
Label Magazine x zołzo
Szajn x ero.edu

Offsite, Konstfack Graduation Show, Stockholm, 2020
Body at the Crossroads, Bwa Dizajn, Wroclaw, 2020
The Vagina Monologues, Stockholm, 2020
Krakowski Salon Sztuki, Palace of Fine Arts, Krakow, 2019
Konstfack & Co, Stockholm, 2019
Object, Design Exhibition & Sale, Stockholm, 2019
Know / Knew / Known, Konstfack, Stockholm, 2019
Meskie Rzeczy, Muzeum Slaskie, Katowice, 2018
Respect Me, New York Design Week, New York, 2018
Crossxtoys, Galeria BB, Krakow, 2018
Must See by See&say, Creativity Centre, Warsaw, 2018
How Are Things?, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, 2017
Close. Closer., Lodz Design Festival, Lodz, 2017
Forest’s Posters, Teremiski Theatre, Bialowieza, 2017
New Cartography, Sklad Dluga, Krakow, 2017
Close. Closer., Cricoteka, Krakow, 2017
Details, Klub Pauza, Krakow, 2017
Wzornictwo Up, Mos, Krakow, 2016
Wzornictwo Up, Mos, Krakow, 2015
Waiting Nature, Krakow Photo Fringe, Krakow, 2015
say hello: domkaspytek@gmail.com

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