Mourning can be experienced not only after the death of people dear to us. It can be also linked with other types of loss: break-ups, divorces or drastic changes of the environment we live in. In this project I focused mainly on material (paper) items related to a person or place which one might miss.

POPIO is a project which can be made by either one or more people. To begin it we need to collect paper remembrances of a lost person or place: journals, photographs, letters or documents. After this step, we can begin formulating a new material by burning these items, but saving the ash. When combined with flour and water, the ash transforms into hard, concrete-like material. 

For this project few prototypes were made. The material can be both polished or raw. Jewlery itself is an item of a strong emotional value which is known for its owner, but not for people from the outside world whom we might not like to share our grief with.

Wzornictwo GO UP, Malopolski Ogrod Sztuki, KRAKOW, 2016​​​​​​​